Global Warming 101 - The Complete Research Report  (100 pages)

Global Warming 0 - Quiz  (10 pages)

Global Warming 1 - Summary & Earth Timeline  (5 pages)

Global Warming 2 - Preface  (2 pages)

Global Warming 3 - Basic Fundamentals  (9 pages)

Global Warming 4 - Atmospheric Composition & Greenhouse Gases  (4 pages)

Global Warming 5 - Is The Earth Really Warming  (8 pages)

Global Warming 6 - The Carbon Dioxide Story  (24 pages)

Global Warming 7 - Energy Considerations  (6 pages)

Global Warming 8 - Computer Climate Model Predications  (3 pages)

Global Warming 9 - Selected References  (1 page)

Global Warming 10 - Details On Heating The Earth & Atmosphere  (8 pages)

Global Warming 11 - Facts About The Atmosphere  (3 pages)

Global Warming 12 - The Real Polar Bear Story  (4 pages)

Global Warming 13 - Mother Earth Can Be A Challenge  (6 pages)

Global Warming 14 - Glaciers & Polar Ice Caps  (10 pages)

Global Warming 15 - Kyoto Protocol  (3 pages)

Global Warming 16 - The Politics Of Global Warming  (5 pages)

Global Warming 17 - Petition Against Kyoto  (3 pages)

Global Warming 19 - Miscellaneous  ( pages)






Many people do not believe everything they read in the newspapers about man-made Global Warming and do not believe Global Warming is a crisis, yet they lack the time to fully research this area.  As a retired aerospace engineer, I spent some 6 months reviewing the Global Warming arguments and examining the data available in books and on the internet on this subject.   I am convinced:

1.    There is very little global warming taking place,

2.    The warming is not caused by man, but by nature,

3.    There is neither a crisis nor a threat to the future, and,

4.    Restricting carbon dioxide emissions will not have any appreciable effect on future temperature, but will significantly raise energy costs.

The purpose of this website is to make my research material and data available to you, and let you make up your own mind.

            First, I have included a quiz on Global Warming that you may wish to take.  Second, I have included a course called Global Warming 101 which presents all of the important research data in 100 pages.  You may down load it and/or send it to your friends, or you may wish to read it, perhaps 20-25 pages at a time, on your screen.  Third, I have broken the course into some 17 individual sections, any one of which you can download and read at your convenience.  Enjoy!

            If you find this information to be educational or useful in discussing Global Warming with your friends, spread the word!  Send this website address to your e-mail list.

                                                                                                          Larry Korb   3/16/08